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Coast 2 Coast Media by Gilbert Park

Further information about my lectures

I value the discussion we had during and after my lectures.  Some of the questions I couldn't answer then I have since looked up and you will find some of them below. Other information I have put on my Facebook page so you can discuss it with me and others.


Hope you enjoy the information and discussions, but please remember my plan may not be suitable as your plan!



Q Does AIS work when out side of the range from the coast?  I checked this with Raymarine and the answer is yes it does.  What doesn't work is internet based tracking systems such as Marine Traffic.  These depend on shore stations collecting the information.

Q. What medical kit would you recommend for Ocean Cruising?  I have found some information out about that and I am awaiting more.  I'll post it when I get it.  In the meantime there is a great book called "The ship captain's medical guide" published by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.  Recommended.

Q can I have a copy of the leaflet you give to people who are not sailors visiting your boat?  I have put this below for you to download.  Plese note that while it works for my boat it may not work on yours.  The responsibility for making sure it is ssafe for your boat must rest with you.

Information for non sailors visiting my boat
If you use this please make sure it is safe for your boat. Please send me any feedback you may have.
Information for you before boarding Let'[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [88.3 KB]

Q Medical kits for Ocean Cruising  I have spoken to Ben Pitman at Medical Support Offshore ( and he is happy to help with their prepackaged kits.  I'll ask if he'll give CA members a discount.

Q PLBs there was quite a bit of discussion about PLBs on lifejackets.  What is important to remember is that it may take time for a satellite to pass overhead and receive the signal, if the PLB doesn't have GPS it will take longer to triangulate where you are.  So the important messages are if you are going to have a PLB make sure it has a GPS and don't expect an instant response (although they do sometimes occur).  You would be better off with an AIS beacon that will alert yoour boat and all the boats around you.  You also carry a small, waterproof VHF on your lifejacket to talk to the boat.  You must also activate these as soon as possible.  It will become difficult to press small buttons after 10 - 20 minutes as your arms get cold.  For more information look at this website

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